From A to Z, An Amazing Adventure of Animals and Alphabet

This book, beautifully illustrated with watercolour and plants, is about the amazing world of animals.

The illustrator uses a technique of watercolour combined with real plants that have been digitally manipulated. This process offers a very unique style of illustration that is personal to the artist. Additionally, the reader is invited to discover the small insects that are hidden throughout the book.  

The author plays with words that start with the first letter of each animal. These alliterations and assonances not only teach the reader new and fun words but also offer unlikely combinations of nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the same sentence.

Furthermore, every animal has been given a non-binary name, and the pronouns he or she are not used, making this publication completely gender-neutral.

  • Ari the alligator
  • Billy the baboon
  • Cameron the chameleon
  • Dylan the dromedary
  • Elie the elephant
  • Finley the fox
  • Gaby the goose
  • Harper the hedgehog
  • Iona the iguana
  • Jamie the jaguar
  • Kenzie the koala
  • Logan the lion
  • Morgan the moose
  • Noa the narwhal
  • Ollie the owl
  • Parker the panda
  • Quinn the quetzal
  • Rio the rabbit
  • Spencer the sardine
  • Taylor the tiger
  • Uli the unau
  • Vesper the vulture
  • Wyatt the wallaby
  • Xen the x-ray fish
  • Yael the yak
  • Zephyr the zebra